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"Anything Is Possible...And Nothing Is Impossible"

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Perhaps only someone on intimate terms with evil. In 1926, before The Shadow struck fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere, a Tibetan monk named Marpa Tulku brought a Western-born warlord named Ying Ko to face judgment and receive redemption. What happened next is the story in this novella-length prequel to the 1994 film version of The Shadow.

"The Shadow"

A novelization of the 1994 film, upon which the stories on this page are based.

"Hospitals Can Be Murder"

A news report of a doctor claiming to have operated on The Shadow draws Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane into a murder mystery.

"The Clouded Mind"

Lamont Cranston's got the flu, and Margo Lane must be The Shadow's eyes and ears to stop a shipment of opium from reaching New York.

"Hands Off"

One of The Shadow's agents is the latest victim of the "Hands Off" Murderer...and Lamont and Margo must put all the pieces together before another death occurs. But can The Shadow gain the cooperation of the police without endangering his identity?

"Dangerous Minds"

A warning about a former student of Marpa Tulku's poses a threat to The Shadow's identity--but is a perceptive stage mentalist a greater danger? Find out in this adaptation of one of the stories from The Shadow radio show, updated with the 1994 film's versions of Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane.

"The Tragic Comedy"

Margo's jealousy over an old friend's engagement complicates The Shadow's investigation of a Broadway production plagued by tragedy.

"The Illusion Of Propriety"

Lamont books a Caribbean cruise for two for Margo's birthday, a scandalous activity for two unmarried people in 1934. But an even bigger scandal unfolds on board, and The Shadow is soon drawn into a murder mystery in this homage to Agatha Christie's Death On The Nile.

"The New Guy"

The Shadow is on the trail of a new mob boss in New York City, and one of his agents, a former liquor front man, slips up and returns to his old ways...leading to a shakedown by the new guy.

"And A Little Child Shall Lead Them"

The Shadow's investigation of a child-snatching ring takes a personal turn when the assistant district attorney, an old friend of Lamont's and an outspoken critic of The Shadow's vigilante ways, has his daughter snatched from him in broad daylight.


A young priest finds a man stabbed in a pew, and The Shadow must find out why the man was stabbed, and what the priest knows about it...while Lamont Cranston deals with uncomfortable guilt about his past and its relation to his long-dormant Catholic faith.


During a much-needed vacation from The Shadow's hectic schedule, Margo begins experiencing symptoms of a psychic awakening.

"Insanity Island"

Margo is contacted out of the blue by the wife of a former benefactor of her father's, claiming someone is trying to kill her...and The Shadow is the only one who can sort out the mystery of an old woman's paranoid delusions.


The escape from prison of a pair of criminals who blame Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane for their imprisonment forces Margo into virtual house arrest just weeks before their wedding...and The Shadow must find the pair before they can act on their threats.

"The Forgotten Memory"

The Shadow on a jury? Lamont is the 12th man chosen in the case of a cab driver accused of bank robbery and murder. But when the jury is sequestered, it's up to Margo to round up The Shadow's agents and find the cab driver's forgotten memory of what really happened that day.

"An Answer To Prayer"

In a story set in 1959--36 years after the 1994 film--Lamont's quiet Sunday afternoon is interrupted by a phone call from Sikkim, a small state on the border of China and Tibet, from a man named Gyatso Kasha...a young monk Lamont trained with in 1927 who was destined to become The Marpa Tulku.

"Precious Gems"

In May 1960, Lamont "Monty" Cranston II is firmly ensconced in the role of The Shadow...a demanding role that could cost him the love of his life, Anne Mulroney.

"Manipulating Reality"

Like her brother Monty, Lane Cranston is a young woman struggling with balancing a "normal" life with the demanding role of partnering with The Shadow in the spring of 1960... a struggle compounded by her boyfriend, a psychology professor, who doesn't even believe in the notion of psychic phenomena.

"Passing The Dharma"

The 21st Marpa Tulku calls Lamont to his deathbed, and his illness forces Lamont to confront his own fears about his advancing age and the psychic legacy he has left to his children.


In September 1998, just months after Lamont Cranston turned 100 years old in a great time of celebration, illness and late-life psychic growth take their toll on the entire Cranston family, forcing each generation to confront their own feelings about their psychic abilities, their relationships...and their lives.

"Pushing Against The Walls"

In July 2000, eighteen months after Lamont Cranston's death, Monty Cranston finds himself encountering some of the same late-life psychic problems his father did. But without his father's guidance, Monty finds his problems spinning out of control--and a life-threatening illness forces him to confront his own feelings about the Cranston legacy.

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